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Here is our Christmas wish to you. 

Christmas is a magical time for most of us. But for some, it can be the most difficult time of the year. Let's not forget those who have little to celebrate this Christmas.

Our little stop-motion animation tells a story of Stuey and papa Mitch. They come under attack and lose everything. What can they do? Watch our story made up of cut up doodles to find out.

Merry Christmas from Li Yi and Colin

Please CLICK HERE to give a little hope.

Music: 'Book of love' - by Gavin James





Our work process


Christmas has come round again and another opportunity to create a non computer based animation! We wanted to create a beautiful forest with just black and white doodles which was a real challenge. Why black and white? We wanted the whole animation to be as simple as the message was. No fancy effects or colours - just plain and simple. After many sketches of different characters, Stuey was our favourite! We drew out all his poses (which were much more than you would expect!). Cut them out and he came to life! Next were the trees and the world around him...


Stuey's world is made up of papa Mitch who plays the banjo (yes I know the song is actually played on a guitar!) and the forest island where he lives in a little cosy house. Creating the props took the longest eventhough they only appear for a few seconds. The props were created at different sizes depending on how we wanted to shoot it - based on our storyboard.


Filming begins. Using a DSLR and the iPhone (as a remote camera connected to the iPad for iStopmotion) we start the shoot with lots of trials and errors (mostly errors) and a lot of patience. Once we had the footage, it was edited and music and sound were added. Hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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