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Here is our Christmas wish to you. 

This year we introduce you to Annabelle, Jacob and baby Caleb.
A small family with a very BIG heart. 

Keeping within the message of this animation, we've made the best of any materials we had. Created with card, paper, wires, blue tack, foam board and many late nights after work. We hope you like the simplicity of our little story.

Merry Christmas from Li Yi and Colin

Music: 'The sound that love makes' - Sarah McLachlan



Our work process


We use computers everyday, so for our own fun projects we love to try out ways to tell a story without (or with the minimum use) of computers. There is something very rewarding about bringing inanimate objects to life with our own hands. It's not as smooth and as slick as using computer softwares and yes it takes sooooo much longer. But we feel it adds a little bit of ourselves into it - imperfections and all.

We started by talking about possible stories and what we'd like to say in our animation. We then start sketching out ideas and storyboarding and designing the characters. Then it's more storyboarding and rewriting the story. Then the illustration begins with lots of cutting and constructing test mock ups and simplifying our story even more...


We also had to create the background elements such as bathroom tiles, windows, door etc. Then we pieced together all our character cutouts and tested the joints and movements. Quite a few of them had to be redone - esp the cycling mock up. Making a paper doll pedal wasn't as easy as expected : )


Filming begins. Using a DSLR we start the shoot with lots of trials and errors (mostly errors) and a lot of patience.
Yes it's Toff's in the background. The best fish and chips ever! Really!


Making the tree and filming the scene was very tricky as getting the lighting right was very difficult with what we had.
Once we had all the footage, we edited it to the music and added the sound effects at the end. Then comes the webpage and email designs. Fin!

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