Cuppa Muswell Hill


A Cuppa Muswell Hill is an exhibition displaying a series of coffee art. The paintings are of notable buildings around the Muswell Hill area.

These paintings also use 'Augmented Reality' technology. Using the Layar App (ios and android available), you can reveal the history of each building that has been painted by viewing them through your iPad or smartphone.

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Art of Coffee
Whilst looking through some old paperwork, I noticed some of the pages had coffee stains on them. And even though the papers were pretty old, the coffee stains had clearly stood the test of time, as they were still very visible.

It was then when I thought, wouldn’t it have been great if (at the time of the coffee spill) someone had made a doodle out of the coffee? Seeing those sorts of coffee stains on my old papers would have definitely made my paperwork more bearable!

But, as I was unable to change the coffee stains I was looking at, I decided it was best to create some new one’s! And so, my journey into coffee art had begun!

The coffee art I’ve produced are of notable buildings around the Muswell Hill area. Having lived around the area for many years, it's become one of my favourite parts of London.

And… Did you know that the name Muswell is believed to have come from a natural spring or well (the "Mossy Well"), said to have miraculous properties. The traditional story tells that a Scottish King was cured of disease after drinking the water, with the area then becoming a place of pilgrimage for healing during medieval times.

That’s not the only bit of history of Muswell Hill that I’ll be sharing. However the rest can be found hidden in my coffee art…

Augmented Reality
Yes, as I referred to above, Muswell Hill has a rich past, with some of the buildings steeped in history. And after having done a bit of research, I've included what I discovered within the paintings.

However, just like the real life buildings, the only way you’ll reveal the history is if you dig a little deeper. And to do that you’ll have to use Augmented Reality technology. Simply scan the picture using the Layar app and the history of the pictured building, as if by magic, will appear right before your very eyes (For best results, scan the painting with as little of the background as possible).


Commissions are also available upon request.